Among current users of managed services, 46% of firms have trimmed their annual it expendatures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services, including 13% that have slashed annual IT expendatures ny 50% or more on the functions thay have give over to an MSP.
CompTIA,Trends in Managed Services study.

Many businesses today continue to use the reactive service model and handle IT issues as they arise. Below is a comparistion of the reactive vs proactive approach. It's easy to see the benefits of becoming proactive.


1. An IT issue is detected.
2. You contact your IT solution provider.
3. Once you reach your IT provider, you desribe the issue as you understand it.
4. Is issue cannot be resolved via phone or email, your IT provider will need to travel to your location.
5. Once at your location, issue is properly diagnosed.
6. The issue is resolved.


1. A RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) tool conducts oversight of your network and IT assets 24/7
2. The RMM tool alerts your MSP (Managed Services Provider) to a potential issue or an issue about to occur.
3. A centralized dashboard allows for remote diagnosis and remediation of the issue by the appropriate technician - without disruption to your business flow.


            * 24 x 7 Monitoring
            * Online Data Backup
            * Professional Help Desk Services
            * Hardware Warranty Coverage
            * Rapid Parts Availability
            * Network Security Assessment
            * Disaster Recovery
            * Business Continuation Planning
            * 24 x 7 Emergency Response
            * Network Management
            * Scheduled Technical Visits
            * Remote Desktop Support
            * Remote Server Support
            * Infrastructure Support
            * Warranty Management
            * Loaner Equipment (for covered components)
            * Disaster Recovery Assistance
            * Web Based Trouble Reporting
            * Emergency Service Line Access

Platform and Device Monitoring:
Monitoring and reporting services by device, platform. application, database or website.

Security and Network Management:
Providing firewall management as well as intrusion detection and penetration testing services coupled with internet and network access.

OS and Database Management:
Managing equipment, operating systems, and databases as well as providing load balancing solutions.

Offsite Backup Systems:
Automated offsite backup, archive and retrieval as well as mirroring solutions.

USA based Helpdesk support:
Providing Telephone, Web, Remote server and desktop support as well as onsite support solutions.


Managed services put you firmly back in control of your IT. We take away the vital but mundane daily chores, freeing your team to focus on projects that add real value to the business. You are in full command of the applications that drive your operations. This means you benefit from best of breed technology with round the clock monitoring and support by highly skilled IT professionals. You're in charge so you specify the availability levels and recovery times your business demands. That way you only pay for protection you need. You get an improved service, security, and peace of mind. You get value and experience spanning decades on tap. You get everything, except the headaches.